Our Pharmaceuticals business develops and makes a broad range of medicines to treat both acute and chronic diseases.

As a business, it is the company’s biggest financial contributor. The business is focused on a number of global franchises across more than 8 therapy areas and a number of platforms, including the emerging bioelectronics technology. Our portfolio is made up of both patent-protected and off-patent medicines.


Our marketplace

The global pharmaceuticals market is vast. The biggest areas of growth over recent years have been from the emerging markets and Asia Pacific regions. 

This trend of increasing demand is expected to continue as the world’s population grows, economies in the emerging markets become more prosperous and global changes in lifestyles affect long-term health.

Our strategy

Our Pharmaceuticals business creates value by researching and manufacturing innovative products and making these as widely accessible as possible to countries at all levels of income and development.

While we continue to have a strong presence in developed markets such as the USA and Europe, we are increasing investment in emerging markets, including Africa, where we see significant growth potential.

Our franchises

Our Pharmaceuticals business develops and makes medicines to treat a broad range of acute and chronic diseases. Our portfolio is made up of innovative and established medicines and we have leading global positions in respiratory disease and HIV.