2017 Election of Directors

Published in Dawn, Jang, Business Recorder, Nawa-i-Waqt, Pakistan Observer Newspapers

In pursuance of Section 178(4) of the CompanIes Ordinance. 1984, Members of the Company are hereby informed that the following persons have filed with the Company notices of their Intention/consent to offer themselves for election as Directors of the Company, to be held In the 70th Annual General Meeting scheduled on Monday. April 24. 2017 at 11 :00 am at the Beach Luxury Hotel, M.T Khan Road. Karachi.

The Director so elected will hold office effective May 7 2017

Mr. Mohammed Azizul Huq
Mr. Mehmood Mandvlwalla
Mr. Abdul Samad
Mr. Husain Lawai
Mr. Dylan Jackson
Mr. Sohail Ahmed
Mr. Nicolas Ragot

Since the number of persons offenng themselves for election is not more than the number of Directors fixed by the Board of Directors under Section 178(1). of the Companies Ordinance. 1984, the above named persons shall stand elected unopposed at the 70th Annual General Meeting.

By Order of the Board
Syed Azeem Abbas Naqvi
Company Secretary