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Our vaccines

You can find an A-Z list of our vaccines below. Unfortunately, we cannot provide comprehensive information about our products on this website, in compliance with regulations.

However, if you are a healthcare professional, you can find more comprehensive, local information by following the steps below.

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family, infants and children

Infants and children

Childhood vaccination against diseases such as measles, meningitis and pneumonia, helps protect the developing immune systems of infants and prevents 2-3 million childhood deaths every year

Adolescents and adults

Waning immunity from pediatric vaccinations and changes in lifestyle, for example moving to college, military service or pregnancy, can lead to an increased risk of infectious disease. Our portfolio helps protect people against diseases like meningitis and HPV

Young female adults who have received a travel vaccine at the start of their journey (Liege)


Exposure to new environments and diseases can put travelers at an increased risk of serious illness. GSK has one of the broadest portfolios of travel vaccines in the industry, covering diseases such as hepatitis A and B, rabies, typhoid and cholera

Elderly couple

Older adults

As we age our body’s natural ability to fight infection diminishes, increasing our risk of falling ill and of experiencing severe illness. Our portfolio for older adults includes vaccines against diseases like influenza and whooping cough

Find out more information about our products

If you are a healthcare professional seeking further information about our products, let us guide you to the relevant GSK website.

If you are a member of the public seeking product information, please note that this may not be available to you in your country. Please follow the steps to see if product information is available to you.

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A-Z list of many of our vaccines available in Pakistan

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Boostrix Diphtheria Toxoid not less than 2IU,Tetanus Toxoid not less than 20IU,Pertusis Toxoid 8mcg,Filamentous Haemagglutin 8mcg,Perlactin 2.5mcg
Engerix - B 10mcg Antigen protien 10mcg/dose
Engerix - B 20mcg Antigen protien 20mcg/dose
Havrix 720 JUNIOR HAV Antigen 720 ELISA Units /0.5ml
Rotarix Oral Suspension Live Attenuated human vaccine
Synflorix 1 mcg of Saccharide for Serotypes 1,5,6B,7F,9V,14 and 23F and 3mcg of Serotypes 4,18C,19F